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Water enters a roof through defects in the waterproofing layer(s) due to deterioration, tears, cuts, poorly sealed penetrations, seams, failed flashings or caps causing the insulation to become laden with trapped moisture. The building experiences energy loss because wet insulation has a lower "R" value than dry material thus providing less thermal resistance.  Water intrudes into the building's interior causing damage and loss of productivity. If left in disrepair, the concrete deck absorbs water, the wood deck rots or the metal decking components rust.

Infrared thermal imaging is a proven method to find wet insulation in flat roofs and moisture in building walls. An infrared roof moisture survey can locate and document how much of your roof contains moisture. Depending on the amount of saturation found during the infrared roof survey, you may be able to make roof repairs surgically by removing only the wet areas and without the expense of replacing the entire roof. It is also possible that the thermal inspection will reveal extensive saturation, encompassing large areas of the roof, confirming and justifying the cost of a full replacement. The data from an infrared inspection will allow you and your roofing expert to make an informed repair/replace decision.  We mainly inspect TPO, PVC, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, and Built-Up-Roof coatings.

Thermographic roof inspection should be used on a periodic basis to monitor the condition of a roof so small issues can be repaired now, preventing them from becoming larger roof problems in the future. Roof thermography can be used as a quality control inspection for new roofs and to access the condition of a roof. Infrared roof inspections can provide valuable information about the roof prior to the sale or purchase of a building, negotiating a new lease or to establish the condition of the roof prior to a lease termination.

Infrared flat roof moisture inspection is a diagnostic tool available to property managers and building owners which provides them the hard data necessary for making objective, information backed roof maintenance decisions. These decisions can support the development of more intelligent and cost effective roof asset management programs.

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